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A super function of teak for your outdoor furniture is the cap potential to face up to all styles of weather, especially in Dubai. It is one of the few woods within the international containing an herbal oil which repels water, maintaining it from warping, cracking or turning into brittle. Outdoor fixtures made from teak will resist the tough results of difficult rains, excessive cool snow storms and broiling solar without its electricity diminishing. This outdoor furniture discovered at maximum high-stop ski motels is crafted from teak because of this high-quality quality

Teak durability is amazing

Having Teak outdoor furniture for your area from Rattan House, means that even your grandkids will also be able to enjoy these sets in future! They are one of the most durable material that we have, especially that it is made from “GRADE A” Teak.

Low maintenance

As mentioned before, Rattan House provides teak from the Grade A, which does not require any paint or varnish, just taking care of it from time to time with teak oil to keep its beautiful colors alive.


What is more elegant than to apply a Teak set in your garden? It’s known for its beautiful natural color, it compliments every outdoor look with class. 

Remember, Rattan House Teak does not rust like any other teak, which is a guarantee to keep your outdoor space in elegance.


Goes both ways

Teak goes both ways, not only for outdoor. But can you imagine the Luxurious look for its use indoors? It has this great antique vibe that gives the home a different great ambience. 

There are such a lot of special sorts of teak furniture, that locating extraordinary tables, chairs, and benches, which praises your house. The difficult decision would be determining among such a lot of special lovely styles.
Looking to compliment your balcony furniture or outdoor garden furniture
Keep Rattan House Furniture your always go to place. 

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