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The first umbrella was invented in China when the carpenter created an umbrella for his wife who had extremely tender skin. He made a so-called “movable roof” for his wife, which protected her soft skin from the hot sun. Now patio umbrellas are used worldwide. Interesting facts about outdoor umbrellas: More than 350 million patio umbrellas are sold all over the world. They are also called parasols.It is interesting to know that first umbrellas were supposed to be only for women. Like purses or high heeled shoes, they were ladies’ accessories and could not be used by men.When you are planning to buy an outdoor umbrella, you need to think of several factors, and here are some:1. Pay attention to the fabric remember, that some outdoor umbrellas are supposed to protect people only from the sun. Others save you from rain and there are universal parasols, which protect from both, rain and hot sun rays. Protective properties of a patio umbrella depend on the quality of its fabric. But fabric is not the only thing you should pay attention to. The metal carcass of the umbrella should be strong enough to resist powerful wind gusts.2. Size of the umbrella goes without saying, the bigger the umbrella is, the more you pay for it. That’s why it is necessary to calculate the size of your umbrella precisely.3. Choose the right umbrella base, as it is necessary to make it stable. Be extremely attentive, when you choose the base for your umbrella, especially if you live in a windy area. With a reliable base, you can be sure that your umbrella will stand high without getting affected by strong wind. When you choose an umbrella, remember that this accessory can look extremely different and an umbrella which suits a country house won’t look good for a luxurious mansion. There are a lot of various patio umbrellas on sale now. Just take your time to choose the design you need. Our company, Rattan House, offers outdoor umbrellas of various sizes and quality to those, who care about the image of their house and comfort of their yard.