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SINCE 1982.

Rattan House was established in 1982, in Amman, Jordan. It started as a small workshop weaving outdoor furniture for those living within a 10-mile radius. The quality, comfort and longevity of each product soon became the talk of the town. However, the idea of reaching out to a bigger market remained a distant dream.

At the turn of the millennium, a Dubai-based entrepreneur took over Rattan House, moved its headquarters to Dubai and completely reworked its business model. Smarter technology and designs were combined with traditional techniques and passion to compete with the world’s biggest brands. New factories were built ground-up to meet the highest standards and to make an impact in the global marketplace.

It was a huge risk and a major challenge given that people in the Gulf were still warming up to the idea of outdoor living. It was more than just high financial investment. It was the investment of one man’s faith. Thankfully, the efforts paid off.

Across the Arabian Peninsula, Rattan House soon became successful with high-quality outdoor furniture. What began, as a three-man company is now an enterprise run by a global team of 500 professionals all contributing to the success of the brand. Today, Rattan House sells the highest quantity of world-class outdoor furniture in the Middle East.

Headquartered in

Headquartered in Dubai, Rattan House is the leading manufacturer and exporter of outdoor furniture in the Middle East. It has a strong team of over 500 employees working across four factories and multiple retail outlets in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Indonesia. Each piece of furniture at Rattan House is designed to reflect contemporary trends and is built to withstand all weather conditions.

Besides being leaders in retail with presence across the Gulf countries and the Middle East, Rattan House is the leading provider of outdoor furniture to hotels, cafés, restaurants, interior and landscaping designers, procurement companies and turnkey projects.

All crafts related to designs, manufacturing, upholstery, stocking and customisation are controlled and perfected in-house to maintain the highest standards of quality, service and responsiveness.

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