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Turn THE Garden into YOUR Sanctuary

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Our gardens or outdoor spaces are an important part of our personal health. It’s a place to relax, to forget your worries and unwind. To stretch. To drink wine. Your outdoor space deserves the same reverence as your bedroom. At Rattan House, we can help you Jazz Up any outdoor area that needs a facelift.

When you hear “outdoor furniture,” what do you think of? The hardware store that would have us conjure an image of an iron-legged, glass top table with four to six wobbly chairs. This isn’t our vision of outdoor furniture. Today, a garden isn’t just extra space that you have outdoors. It’s a ceiling-less living room, an open-air concept restaurant, the sidewalk bar of your dreams. For the perfect, personalized garden, look no further than your own personal style. Adding your touches with the guidance of our expert advice, you can create a SANCTUARY.

Create an outdoor living room.

If lounging is the goal, plan your outdoor living room accordingly. How do you like to lounge? Are you a big family? With friends? Alone with your phone or a favourite book? The desired result will inform the outdoor furniture. Get the desired look with the tips below:

Plush Smart seating. Regardless of your lounge style, comfort is paramount. Sofas and sectionals aren’t just for inside: sectionals and outdoor sofas give your space a relaxed vibe. For example, our famous

Clayton Corner Set looks as comfortable on your deck as it does in a traditional living room set-up. With its geometric shapes and funky color choices, our Armani Outdoor Corner Set is essentially a modern version for outdoor spaces.

Create comfort elements. What makes a reading corner attractive? A cozy chair, a floor lamp, and some comfy pillows. Our LUZ standing Lamp is a great outdoor light option that gives you the functionality of a reading lamp and the romance of candlelight. We don’t have to confine poufs to rooms with four walls. Let them live! At Rattan House, we have a huge selection of pots and bean bags. You can even pick your own fabric! Our Mykonos bean bag has been a hit this year in so many gardens even in hotels. A rug will always give a cozy touch to any outdoor area. Check out our Rug collection.

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