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Outdoor Furniture Covers

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The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you want to enjoy your perfectly styled outdoor space. Fast-forward a couple of weeks and suddenly your dining set is covered with leaves, and those previously charming birds have turned on your once-spotless outdoor area. The good news?  Your outdoor furniture isnt ruined. Once we show you how to clean and store your outdoor furniture, itll be set to live a long, comfy, and stylish life.

Different materials require different types of care. You must know this before purchasing your outdoor garden furniture.

How to Store Outdoor Furniture

The key to keeping your outdoor furniture looking at its best is simple: prevention.

While it sounds like the best option to have the indoor space to store your outdoor furniture, it is not practical to keep carrying cushions in and out every time you want to use your outdoor furniture. That’s where Rattan House comes with the best solution: Furniture covers. 

Typically made of canvas, polyester, or vinyl, furniture covers will shield your furniture in the most extreme hot sunny weather. Theyre also the ultimate bird-poo protectors.

Even though youre an expert on storing your outdoor furniture now, we all know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Surprise thunderstorms, muddy paw prints, or accidental juice spillage are all within the realm of possibility. Rattan House offers fabrics to achieve an unbeatable quality, resistance and durability. Every item manufactured is meticulously analysed to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards that clients expect. Quality controls are carried out in strict compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2005 standard.

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