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Fill your sunken area with Rattan House Furniture

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There’s nothing like a sunken seating area in your modern home. Using your own landscape is a creative idea of ​​nature that preserves the natural habitat as best as possible while offering the necessary comfort you are looking for. The idea of ​​sinking an area provides comfort and a sense of protection between your “walls” and adds various aesthetic values ​​to your backyard design.

To add more value and beauty to your sunken area, you must fill it with high-end quality front and back seating cushions. That only happens at Rattan House.

We provide the best fabric for your outdoor, water/sun, and all-weather resistance. Our fabric is specially made for the high-temperature weather and strong kind of winter, so you can easily relax and make sure your outdoor area is always SAFE, yet always beautiful with Rattan House.

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