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Design your outdoor 2021 with Rattan House

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A lot of you are wondering what best suits an outdoor living space, firstly you would have to know what fits in your outdoor area, take some measurements and join our showrooms to get your outstanding outdoor living area. Depending on your area you can decide what you want.

After the COVID19 has hit the world, everyone has been feeling that having some home gatherings would be the best choice to stay safe for them and their loved ones. So, everyone is basically making sure that their “New Outgoing Vibe” is already there at their outdoor home garden!

Rattan House makes sure, that you got the trendiest and most unique kind of outdoor living sets and accessories to make you, your family, and friends feel like you are on a great outdoor vibe.

Our collection can fit your small balcony and could go away to fit a huge garden. We have a wide collection to suit every kind of home. We provide the trendiest, yet coziest outdoor living sets in Dubai!

To apply the right kind of sets and the trendiest. Firstly, Measurements shall be taken, then you can start choosing the sets and making the choice of customizing what color of fabric that you would like your set to be with.

We provide all needed fabric and material for outdoor usage, waterproof, sunproof, powder-coated material.

A lot of our products has been there since the 90’s and now it is becoming the trendiest in 2021. The most famous of them is synthetic Rattan, we have upgraded their looks to become 90’s inspired but with some 2021 modern touches.

Ofcourse, there is also a lot more trendy pieces we have, like powder-coated aluminum, teak wood, rope, polypropylene, and a lot more for you to discover. 

Let’s not forget, to have a very nice theme for your outdoor living, you must have the most trending accessory item. A RUG, that’s right! We provide a large collection of rugs to match your great sets. Lastly, here’s what’s blooming in most of our latest items for your outdoor area is the Bean bags collection. 

Stay safe and keep your friends and family safe by gathering them with great relaxing outdoor living and dining sets with a great ambiance and experience.

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