Synthetic Rattan Furniture from Rattan House

When we choose indoor or outdoor furniture, the material it is made of plays the leading role. The quality of material determines the durability and beauty of the furniture .Nowadays the market can offer you a huge quantity of materials for the furniture. Synthetic rattan is one of the most popular

Synthetic Rattan Furniture from Rattan House
Why Is Synthetic Rattan the Best Choice?If you have a garden area in your house, it is good to spend there as much time as it is possible. It is so pleasant to enjoy a coffee break in the open air, when the weather is rainy and heavy drops of water fall down on the ground. It is also good to sit under the open sky, when the weather is hot and the sun shines from morning till night.To make your staying outside comfortable, it is necessary to have a garden set of furniture. Modern garden sets are usually made of synthetic rattan.Synthetic rattan was invented in 90’s of the 20th century. It was invented in Germany. Synthetic rattan looks like the long strip of plastic, which is sold in spools. It is measured in kilograms. Synthetic rattan can be extremely different – it is made of various colors and structures.Synthetic rattan is extremely popular now among the lovers of high quality garden furniture. It has a number of advantages, which other materials don’t have. First of all rattan furniture is not expensive. Even people of average level of income can get rattan items of furniture for themselves. Then it is easy to use – this furniture serves its owner for ages and it is very easy to maintain it, you just need to wipe it with wet cloth from time to time, or just hose it down with water.Garden sets, made of synthetic rattan are eco-friendly. By the way, this kind of furniture can be used both, inside and outside. It can be made of various structures and colors, so you can choose the furniture for any kind of interior – luxurious one or decorated in a country style. Synthetic rattan is the best choice for a modern house owner. To some extent, it is even better than natural rattan. Why Are Synthetic Rattan Sets Better Than Natural?If motherland of synthetic rattan is Germany, natural rattan was used in India for the first time. Rattan is a palm with extremely long stalks. Natural rattan has been in use for many centuries and only the richest people in the world could afford rattan furniture for their houses and gardens.Nowadays it is affordable to people with average level of income worldwide. But synthetic rattan is much more popular now than natural, because it has a number of advantages.First of all synthetic rattan looks like natural and even if you are an experienced designer, it would be hard for you to distinguish, if the furniture is made of synthetic rattan or not.Sets, made of synthetic rattan, can be of different shapes, colors and sizes. Even the most capricious client can choose synthetic rattan furniture to his/her taste.Synthetic rattan not only looks good, it is also extremely comfortable. Furniture, made of this material, is usually decorated with soft cushions, so it is very pleasant and comfortable to sit on a chair or sofa, made of synthetic rattan.Synthetic rattan furniture is easy to maintain. It will serve for long and it can resist any kind of weather.Furniture, made of synthetic rattan, can be used outdoors all year round and it will look perfect all the time.At Rattan House, we offer synthetic rattan furniture of the highest quality to our clients. We recommend this material as it has numerous advantages in comparison with the other ones. Try it yourself!


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